‪#‎captureyourgrief‬ day 8: wish list

      This is what I wished for & I refuse to let my grief take that away from me. 12143091_10103179838884349_7383556277442505489_nI’ve hoped, wished, & prayed to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I’ve wanted nothing more than to stay home and raise our children since the day I saw our fist two pink lines on our tiny apartment’s bathroom sink. All I’ve wanted since the day I held out first born son in my arms was to have a happy home filled with giggles and laughter. To cherish every moment of a growing babies life inside and outside of my womb. To have my days filled with kisses, hugs, and tickle fights. I refuse to let Everett’s short life take away joy instead of add to it like it should. I wish to honor our sweet angel by giving his brothers the beautiful life they deserve. I will not allow my grief to overwhelm me, to take away the life we should’ve had. Instead I choose to honor and cherish the short time we got with him, to spend every moment we get with his brothers living life to the fullest, and taking advantage of every breath we breathe. Everett, you are my wish, your brothers are my wish, and your future siblings are my wish. 

Photo credit to the talented T. Marie Photography

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