‪#‎captureyourgrief‬ day 9: family

Photo credit to 9 Sparrow LaneNILMDTS-KingMemorial(33of57)This is our little family the day of Everett’s memorial. Sometimes I look at our family portrait and all I can see is what should’ve been. I should’ve been in my third trimester getting ready to take maternity photos, nesting, and (let’s be honest) complaining about how swollen and achey I am, but instead, I am left with an empty belly and endless what ifs. Then there are days like today. Days filled with heartfelt giggles and endless moments of joy. Days where I am constantly reminded how precious life is, no matter how short. Days where I feel Everett’s presence with us in undeniable ways. Days where I can see the beauty in the fact that we have our precious baby boy watching over us each and every moment for the rest of our lives. Although I’d much rather be holding Everett in my arms (how selfish of me!) I take solace in knowing that all he has ever felt and will ever feel is pure unblemished love. Until the day we meet again sweet angel. May your heart forever beat in mine. 

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