#captureyourgrief day 25: earth remembrance 

There is so much we have done in remembrance of you sweet baby. It is almost as if we are afraid of forgetting you. Truth be told, Mommy certainly is. The thought of your memory fading into the background of our life terrifies me, but I know that is the harsh reality of living without you. We will always remember you and celebrate your life, but the truth is, there will come a day when thinking of you doesn’t send me into hysterics and I can breathe without you. There will come a day when your birthday and holidays is the only time I won’t be able to move on without you. There will come a day when I don’t ache with missing you and our life moves forward. Please know sweet boy that this doesn’t mean Mommy loves you any less. I will always be anxiously awaiting  the day we meet again and I get to hold you in my arms once more.  Every space we’ve made for you is special, but the Wesley Memorial garden holds a special place in my heart as a piece of you will always be there. The same place your brothers and you were born and the same place your future siblings will be brought into this world. The one place you have all been. The one place we can be together as a family.

 Mommy loves me miss you Everett, always and forever.

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