Everett’s Mom

Photo credit to the talented T. Marie Photography

When I was a little girl growing up I had quite the reputation, not a bad one mind you, but in our little community everyone knew my name. I was what my parent’s liked to call a social butterfly; between my inability to see anyone as a stranger; a trait I’ve wearily passed onto our sons, and athletic prowess my parents soon became know to anyone who’d meet me as “Danielle’s Dad and Mom”. Not Micheal and Diane. Not Mr. and Mrs. Hinton. Danielle’s Dad and Mom; no first name required. This is a right of parenthood that even in my adult life my parents still tease me about.

Ever since becoming a mother I have anxiously awaited this right of parenthood, but today as I messaged one of Jack’s classmates Mom’s and proudly signed the email with “Danielle King, Jack’s Mom” for the first time I realized yet another parental right that had been taken away from me along with our baby boy, the opportunity to be referred to as “Everett’s Mom”. It was then and there that I decided I would not let this right be taken away from me along with every other memory and milestone we were robbed of. I decided that with every post and picture I share with you in memory of our baby boy I will claim the right I earned through 12 hours of labor birthing his still body into this world; I will claim the title “Everett’s Mom”. 

From this life until the next,

Everett’s Mom

5 thoughts on “Everett’s Mom

  1. Diane Hinton

    As Danielle’s mom I won’t allow Everett to be put on a shelf. Today, a woman asked the ages of my grandsons I told her 9,4,3,almost 3, 1 and one is in heaven. I am comforted by Everett being in heaven with his two great grandmas, it gives me peace. Everett came into this world in a very small package but he left a big impact! Everett until Eternity! Love you sixth grandson.

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  2. Danielle's Dad

    As Everett’s grandpapa, I am proud to have six grandsons and least not forget one grand daughter Emma Rose. I to will refer to my grandsons with “one in heaven” as my faith, love and heart guides me. It comforts me to know his name sake, my father (great grandpapa) Everett is caring for him…


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