Bring it to Him

There will be bad days.

There will be good days.

There will be days where you feel like you can’t go on.

There will be days when it feels like the thunderstorm has lifted and you can finally see the rays of sunlight shinning through the storm clouds.

And then, there will be days when your loss feels as fresh and painful as the day you learned your precious child had gone to join our maker in Heaven.

The reality of a bereaved parent’s existence is a very difficult path; one you have no choice but to follow.

It is often times ugly and leaves you raging at the sky screaming for answers that may never come.

But let me let you in on a little secret…

Our Lord and Savior can take it; He too knows our sorrow and feels our pain and heartache. Whatever you are experiencing in your day to day battles, bring it to HIM. Be honest with yourself, true to where you are in your journey of grief, and live in whatever reality your day brings you.

We were not meant to walk this battle alone. When the days of sorrow seem never ending, bring it to Him; give him the chance to treat your broken heart and mend your tattered soul because we may walk this Earth with a piece of our hearts missing, but He SACRIFICED his only Son to give us the opportunity to join ours again one day.



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