We wished for a baby, but got an Angel instead.



Photo credit: T. Marie Photography

Last Christmas as your brother Lucas experienced his 1st Christmas and the awe of the holiday season filled our home Mommy made a wish; a wish for another baby to complete our rowdy bunch of boys and make our family complete. A wish I thought would be fulfilled this Christmas as I held you in my arms for your 1st Christmas (a moment I will forever long for). As Christmas day came and went without you Mommy realized something; sometimes the biggest miracles are sent in the smallest of packages. 

We may not have been able to hold you in our arms for your 1st Christmas like we’d hoped, but you were there. You were there in every minute we spent as a family with hearts full of love for each other holding ever moment dear. You were there with every smile exchanged, every hug given, and every kiss kissed teaching us to love like we will never have another chance. You were there as grace was said and our love for our Lord & Savior grew as we celebrated His only son’s birth. You were there in every gift, every star, every twinkling light shining down your love from above. 

As you celebrated your 1st Christmas in Heaven Mommy realized you, my sweet baby boy, will always be there; as our hair begins to grey and your brothers grow, as milestones, birthday parties, and Holiday pass us by, as year after year dwindles away. Until we take our last breaths on this Earth and are reunited in Heaven: you will be there right beside us showering us with your love. 

We wished for a baby, but got an Angel instead. Our Guardian Angel who will spend every moment of our lives by our sides loving is from afar until we meet again. 

We love you baby boy. Always & forever. From this life until the next. 

-Everett’s Mommy

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