I choose you. 

Without this pain, without this heartache I wouldn’t have you baby boy. I choose you; every single time.

Even if it means living the rest of my life without you. Even if it means never getting to see you grow; never getting to feel you breathe, hear you cry, or experience your beautiful laugh and radiant smile. No matter what, I choose you. 

With every breath I breathe. With every day I live without you. For the rest of my life. I chose you Everett. 




Because no matter what, I am yours and you are mine; nothing  and no one can change that. You became mine the moment you started growing in my womb and losing you doesn’t make me any less your mother just as dying doesn’t make you any less my son. 

No distance or passage of time can undo the bond we share. I am your mother and you are my child. You may not be here living your life along side me, but there is not a person alive who can take you from me.  

Always & forever. From now until eternity. I belong to you & you belong to me.

Everett’s Mommy 

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