To my husband…

To my husband on love after loss on our 1st Valentine’s Day without you,

I love our boys, absolute and whole heartedly, just as you do, but despite the immensity of my motherly love the love I have for you is uncomparable. One look from you lights me on fire and sets my very soul ablaze. You are everything I’ve ever wanted, everything I ever asked for, everything I dreamed of and I’ll never love another with the ferocity in which I love you.

My day is not completely unless I am falling asleep in your arms; our bed feels empty without you by my side and not a day passes that I am not thankful to be spending forever by your side.

The love we share makes me a better version of myself; a better daughter, a better wife, a better mother. You see my flaws and love me more because of them. You always know just the right thing to say, or not say, to make my dark and stormy days full of sunshine and when to let me wallow in the rain.

On the day we got married, almost ten years ago, I thought I would never love you more, but through the years, as our family grows, so does the love I hold for you inside my soul. Watching you become a father has been one of life’s greatest blessings and spending my nights seeing the bond between you and our boys grow is the greatest blessing of them all.



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